The Story of Serchio delle Muse

Alluvioni 1996

In June 1996 there was a devastating flood in the zone of the Apuan Alps in Tuscany. Thirteen people perished and four thousand houses were destroyed. The villages of Stazzema and Cardoso were virtually destroyed.

Everyone tried to help and Luigi Roni organised a benefit concert for the victims, calling on the help of other opera singers. The concert was a great success, so much so that it was repeated the following year, on a larger scale.

Seeing how successful the concerts were, Senator Marcucci's father suggested forming a committee to organise concerts.

In 2000 Luigi Roni founded Il Serchio delle Muse a club, open to all, with the specific purpose of organizing concerts and events dedicated to the Opera, in the most beautiful places in the Garfagnana. This laid the foundations for the Serchio delle Muse Association which was born in 2010.

For twenty years The Serchio delle Muse has presented music and culture to pay homage to the people of the Garfagnana and to its unique, natural beauty. The evenings are animated by art with colour, lights and exceptional music.

As evening falls and the concert is about to go on stage, our valley discovers the magic of a past not too distant, the pleasure of being together, the perfume of past times, the images of the present and hopes for the coming tomorrow. Like a spell the Serchio calls the Muses and the curtain rises to reveal a new magic.