Serchio delle Muse program 30 August - 31 August

On August 30th Serchio delle Muse presents a recital "Italian Evening" with baritone Bruno Caproni and pianist Julien Evans. They are two exceptionally talented artists. The recital will take place in the Conference Room of the BVLG Bank, Gramolazzo, at 9.00 pm. The small town of Gramolazzo is located on the edge of Gramolazzo lake, 1 kilometer long. It is an artificial lake built in the 19th century to supply hydroelectricity. It is an area known for its gastronomy, abundance of flora and fauna and for water points and excursions. The second concert will take place at the Villa Collemandina theatre at 9.00 pm. It presents the voices of the Serchio choir conducted by Ugo Menconi and there will be popular songs inspired by Alpine traditions and the world. Villa Collemandina has been inhabited since Etruscan times and was the home of the Apuans until they were conquered by the Romans in 180 BC. In 1430 it passed into the hands of the Este family and remained under their control until the Italian reunification. Between 1803 and 1806 the municipality of Villa Collemandina was founded. Initially there was a castle on the hill, but it was replaced by a church with cloisters adorned with 16 sandstone columns. Inside the parish church there are two marble altars by Nicola Civitali from 1533 and a recently restored wooden triptych. Nature lovers can go for walks in the Orecchiella Park or in the Pania di Corfino botanical gardens.

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