Luca Scarlini


Luca Scarlini drammaturgo

Luca Scarlini works with contemporary playwrights and comparative literature. He teaches narrative techniques at the Holden School of Turin and translates from English and French for various publishing houses including ADN-Kronos and Fazi (some titles: Medea by Robinson Jeffers, Why does John Lennon wear a skirt? by Claire Dowie, Sparkleshark by Philip Ridley with Barbara Nativi).

He collaborates with numerous Italian theatrical institutions as a literary consultant and translator (Teatro Stabile di Parma, Link di Bologna, Teatro Regio di Torino, Sesto Fiorentino Intercity Festival, National Theater of London).

As a historian of theatre performances, a work that he carries out as a free-lance professor in various European universities, he has published numerous presentations on contemporary playwrights in magazines and volumes, including Another happy day, La fortuna del teatro di S. Beckett in Italy from 1953 to today. He regularly writes for the magazine The Index as a reviewer of theater and show books.