Copertina del Il Tabarro DVD

Vision and Deepening of "Il Tabarro" by G. Puccini

Dvorsky, Pons, Marrocu, Roni, L. Chailly 2008 La Scala.

Il Trittico comprises three one act operas, written by G. Puccini. They are, Il Tabarro, the darkest of the three, Suor Angelica, lyric / religious and Gianni Schicci, comic.

The Tabarro was based on Didier Gold's play, La Houppelande, and the librettist was Giuseppe Adami.

The opera was due to be premiered in Rome but due to the war it was transferred to the Metropolitan in New York, where the first performance was on December 14, 1918.

The DVD is a performance at La Scala in 2008. The director was Riccardo Chailly.

It was performed by Juan Pons, Miroslav Dvorsky, Carlo Bossi, Luigi Roni, Paoletta Marrocu and Anna Maria Chiuri.


Il Tabarro is centred on the idea of passing time reflected in the sunset, the autumn season and the slow inexorable flow of the Seine.

Paris at sunset, an old cargo boat moored on the Seine. The owner, Michele, is married to the much younger Georgette. The marriage is in difficulties and Michele suspects his wife of having a lover.

Georgette is in love with a young dock worker, Luigi, and she meets him every evening. He comes under cover of darkness waiting for his signal of a lit match.

Michele tries to awaken the passion of the early years of their marriage and their love for the infant child who lived only briefly. However Georgette rejects him and goes to her room waiting for her husband to fall asleep so she can meet her lover.

Michele lingers on deck and lights his pipe. Luigi, mistaking it for the signal, jumps on board. Michele grabs him, forces him to confess, then strangles him and wraps him in his cloak (the Tabarro).

Georgette, drawn by a presentiment, comes on deck and as she approaches Michele opens the cloak letting the body fall to the ground.


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