Piazza Caponnetto, Gallicano concerto

The White Horse Inn by R. Benatzky

Starts at 21:00

Musica Novecento Theatre Company, M. Stefano Giaroli– director.

Im weißen Rößl also known as Il Cavallino Bianco or The White Horse Inn, was originally co-written by Gustav Kadelburg and the Berlin theatre director, Oscar Blumenthal who came up with the idea for the comedy after witnessing the amorous designs of a headwaiter on the widowed owner of a hotel he once stayed at while on vacation. What he saw provided the entire premise for the play.

Il Cavallino Bianco opened, as a play, in Berlin in 1897; by 1926 it had been made into a film; the only thing that had not yet been done was to create a musical version which The White Horse Inn’s humour clearly called out for.

Benatzky and Stolz’s operetta, which was a collaboration between librettists and composers, like the play, was premiered in Berlin. Following its first performance in the German capital on 8 November 1930 the operetta went on to be staged in theatres all over the world including, London, Paris, Vienna and new York.

After one performance in Bologna in 1940, the operetta was not allowed to be performed in Italy, as some of the co-writers were Hebrew. Likewise the Nazi regime in Germany forbad performances for the same reason. This did not prevent the operetta from becoming popular worldwide.

 The Story

Leopold Brandmeyer, headwaiter at The White Horse Inn, is hopelessly in love with his boss, the owner of the inn, Josepha Vogelhuber. She however is more interested in one of her guests, a lawyer, Dr. Erwin Siedler, who is representing a client called Sülzheimer in a business dispute. Siedler makes the faux pas of falling for his client’s opponent’s daughter, Ottilie Giesecke, only for her father, Wilhelm, to see advantage in swapping a lawsuit for an engagement by marrying Ottilie off to Sülzheimer’s son, Sigismund, who has just turned up at the inn. And so it continues: a comedy of errors which has each character chasing the wrong person, with hilarious results.

Musica Novecento Theatre Company

The Compagnia Teatro Musica Novecento was founded in 1995 in Reggio Emilia by a group of established artists in the theatrical, lyric and operettist fields, with important experience gained in the most prestigious Operetta and Prose companies, as well as in important opera organizations.

Encouraged by the strong reception received with its first production, La Vedova Allegra by Franz Lehár, the Novecento Music Theater Company has embarked on a path of research, enhancement and modernization in the context of the Operetta genre. Cin-Ci-Là, Il Paese dei Campanelli, Al Cavallino Bianco, La Principessa della Czarda, Scugnizza and L'Acqua Cheta, together with the aforementioned Vedova Allegra, are the top titles that have led the Company to perform in the best squares and theaters of Italy in more than twenty years of full activity.

What immediately characterised the Compagnia Teatro Musica Novecento and which was strongly appreciated by the public and critics is a choral vision of the show, in which all the elements have a particular characterization and a specific importance, also by virtue of small skilful adjustments in a more modern key to traditional scripts.

A distinctive element of the Company is live music: Teatro Musica Novecento is in fact one of the very few Operetta companies in Italy that can boast of the presence of the live orchestra in every show, thanks to the close collaboration with the Orchestra. Art Yards.


04 Aug 2021




Piazza Caponnetto, Gallicano Lucca