The Court and the Brigands

Locandina Ariosto


Antonio Aiello - violin

Cristina Alberti - violin

Leonardo Sapere - cello

Michele Salotti - harpsichord

The Court and the Brigands

This is a story that comes from the official correspondence of the Este court, from mentions in a diary, and the reworking that the writer Antonio Baldini has drawn from the story Michelaccio, which deals with Garfagnana brigands.

The music chosen to accompany the story will be that composed between 1500 and 1600 and performed by an ensemble with period instruments. An encounter between history, literature and music.

The theatrical adaptation and narration will be entrusted to Luca Scarlini, a famous essayist, playwright and storyteller.

The music of Cazzati, Falconiero, Cima, Marini, Uccellini will be performed by "The soloists of the Arché Orchestra."


20 Feb 2022


Free. Reservation required