The Parma Opera Choir

Coro dell'Opera di Parma

The Parma Opera Choir, a renowned and esteemed vocal team, performs the centuries-old choral tradition of the city.

In Europe, the Parma Opera Choir has participated in numerous opera festivals in recent years, including, to name a few, the Salon de Provence International Festival, the Locarno Festival and the La Perla Festival in Zurich. For several years it has participated in the opera seasons of Roncole Verdi in front of the Maestro's birthplace and in the opera and concert productions directed by Maestro Stefano Giaroli from Reggio Emilia.

In 2015 the Choir of the Parma Opera was asked by Giovanni Allevi - master composer and pianist - to record the song O generosa, which from September became the official anthem of the Italian Serie A football championship. The collaboration with Maestro Allevi has subsequently developed live concerts in Rome, Turin and Milan on tour. Also in Milan, the choir recorded an unreleased piece Under the same sky, which will subsequently be performed as a world premiere in the Verdi Auditorium with the participation of important RAI broadcasts.