Welcome to the website of "Il Serchio delle Muse"

Welcome to the 18th edition of “Il Serchio delle Muse”, an itinerant outdoor festival, with the backdrop scenery of the Apuan Alps on stage in the squares, gardens and the most remote and unusual places of the Serchio Valley.
The Serchio delle Muse was born from the desire to pay homage with art to our Valley and its natural beauties: unique places that for one evening come alive with unusual lights, colors and sounds.
And beauty educates to beauty.
When evening falls and the show is about to go on stage, our Valley rediscovers the magic of the vigils of a not far past, the pleasure of being together, the scent of the time that has been, the images of the present and the hope for the tomorrow it will be, and as a spell Serchio calls its Muses, the curtain opens on a new, beautiful, magic.

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