Concerts in August for Serchio delle Muse

Following the tradition of performing in concerts in beautiful and historic villages of the Garfagnana, Serchio dell Muse holds three concerts this week. The first is at Coreglia Antiminelli in the "A Bambi" theater, starting at 9.00 pm. The first reference to Coreglia Antiminelli is found in the archiepiscopal archives of Lucca in 1048. It is a city known for its history in the creation of plaster figurines. This was the main industry of the inhabitants during the 16th and 17th centuries and in the city there is a municipal museum dedicated to this craftsmanship and emigration. The concert on Monday evening of August 12 with Linda Campanella, Matteo Pierone and Andrea Albertini on the piano, presents historical costumes and scenarios. Wednesday 15 August there is a concert in Carregine. This village is located on a plateau at 882 meters and has a panoramic terrace overlooking the entire valley. Inside the walls there is one of the oldest Romanesque churches in Italy. The original construction dates back to 720 and the church has preserved its medieval structure. The concert will take place at the entrance of this church, of San Pietro and San Paolo. It will contain opera arias with Angela Gandolfo, our famous Bruno Caproni, Alessandro Fatoni and Robert Barrali on the piano. There is another concert on Saturday 17 August at 9.00 pm in Fosciandora, in the Vladimiro Zucchi room. This city was the borderland for the historical regions of Garfagnana and Lucchesi. It was fought for centuries by various sovereigns and today fortifications and outposts of these conflicts are still evident. The fortress of Ceserana, a church-castle was built in the 12th century and is decorated with an elegant apse and wooden statues, carved in the 14th century. The concert will present the brass quintet Diffusion, in collaboration with AMA Cultura and the Pro Loco of Castiglione in Garfagnana. The concert was conceived and organized by Matteo Marcalli, one of the members of the Serchio dell Muse committee. Since the two previous concerts of the Serchio delle Muse, at Casa Pascoli, Castelvecchio Pascoli and Barga at the Loggia del Podesta, had been performed for a large capacity audience, I would suggest arriving a little early for the concerts this week. Imogen McNamara

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