Antonio Aiello


Antonio Aiello Violinista e Soloista

Antonio began to study music and the violin at the age of four, winning at age six years the 1st prize in the National Competition «Vincenzo Galilei» of Florence. Since then, he has collected more than a dozen awards in national and international competitions, including, of special importance, the 1st prize at the «Mario Benvenuti» contest in Vittorio Veneto and the first two absolute prizes at the «A.M.A. Calabria» competition in the chamber and contemporary music sections.

He plays nationally and internationally, to great acclaim and is first violinist in the Orchestra I Virtuosi Italiani.

At least once a week throughout the year Antonio Aiello performs as soloist and conductor of the orchestra I Virtuosi Italiani at the church of Santa Maria della Visitazione in Venezia, called of the Pietà, where Antonio Vivaldi was a violin teacher from 1703 to 1718 and composed some of his main works such as the famous Four Seasons.